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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Cartoon Sunday: Strike The Blood

Strike the Blood Volume 1.jpg

On another note, Happy Birthday to the owner of, Lord Marquis DeBlood! I hope you put on your best birthday cape and flaunt those pearly fangs.

If you would love to learn more about our very own Lord Marquis DeBlood from Horror-Punks, there are links upon links in a previous birthday blog, that I published last year.

Song Saturday Birthday Special: Marquis DeBlood

Meanwhile, it's Cartoon Sunday. Trying to watch the Shonen Supernatural Action Anime, Strike The Blood was another challenge. If you read yesterday's Song Saturday blog, you may recall that I mentioned it, when I published my review about Kanon Wakeshima's Tsukinami album.

Song Saturday: Kanon Wakeshima's Tsukinami


Kanon Wakeshima's "Signal" was the 2nd ending theme song to Strike The Blood. After mentioning Strike The Blood yesterday, it started to pique my interest.

Just to let you know, I'm 4 years behind on most of Japan's Anime releases.

When you're busy with working, blogging, managing your own website, social networking both on and offline, forced to work at social events, having to help take care of disabled family members, etc. they take precedence over binge watching the latest Anime.

As I was saying, I had a difficult time trying to watch Strike The Blood last night. Allow me to say, that's media player sucks ass. The website's media player from 10 years ago was much better than the current media player.

Then again, Crunchyroll was NOT originally a legitimate Anime streaming website. Japan and the Anime Industry rode the founder's ass about it at an Anime Panel, 10 years ago.

Eventually, this led to Crunchyroll agreeing with TV Tokyo and other licensing companies to legally stream Anime with optional paying viewers. Since the time of that agreement in 2009, Crunchyroll's media player has been terrible. The company's media player is slightly better than CW's media player, which is by far THE WORST media player to ever watch a streaming show. Viewers complain about but it's NOWHERE near the CW's or Crunchyroll's media players.

I tried finding a higher quality version of Strike The Blood's pilot episode on YouTube but had no such luck. Trying to watch Strike The Blood in English subtitles via YouTube was blurry.

Today you have the option of either watching episode 1 via YouTube, or withstanding Crunchyroll's obnoxious commercial buffering, while possibly being interrupted by the commercials playing in the background, as you watch Strike The Blood. The fact that Crunchyroll's subtitles are larger and more visible than on YouTube is a positive.

Considering the fact that we're on the topic of Strike The Blood, having an understanding about the series would help. Just to warn Anime fans in advance, this Shonen Supernatural Action Anime is also a Dramedy Anime with some fan service and harem themes. That is along with vampires and demons.

Judging by episode 1, the fan service is pretty mild. It's not extreme like that God-awful Anime, Ikki Tousen. Don't even get me started on Ikki Tousen.

After I was finally able to watch Strike The Blood's episode 1 via Crunchyroll this morning, Kojou Akatsuki is making up tests over the summer. He lives in the Demon District of Itogami Island and is suspected of being the Fourth Progenitor Vampire.

On Kojou's way home from studying, he senses Yukina Himeragi. Yukina is a Sword Shaman for the Lion King Organization and attends Sakaki Academy Middle School. The Lion King Organization sent her to spy on Kojou and she must kill him, if he is proven to be dangerous.

So far, I like Strike The Blood. It looks like it has some substance to it. Granted, the series has some fan service but like I already said, it's nothing to the extent of Ikki Tousen.

Below you have the options of choosing between Crunchyroll's and YouTube's media players. Anyway, here is Strike The Blood for today's Cartoon Sunday.

Strike The Blood: "The Right Arm Of The Saint I" (2013)

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