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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fall Shows That I'm Glad To See Returning

How's it going my gumdrops? I meant to give a blog review on Blogger about fall shows I regularly watch, earlier this year. 

This year has been so chaotic and full of surprises in real life and in cyber space, that I never had the chance to give a review. Because this has been the case, I believe it's only fair to list the prime time shows, that I am glad to see returning this fall.

It appears that 2 of my favorite shows are running against each other, again. Now, I must choose 1 over the other to watch throughout the season on TV, which sucks for me. I will have less TV viewing hours. Anyway, let's get to my list of shows.

1) American Dad

I can't believe that Fox was so quick to dump this show. Based on what I have observed, most posters on Adult Swim seem to hate American Dad. Considering how extremely Liberal most of them are regarding politics, I expected more posters to like American Dad. 

The cartoon is political satire, that mocks Conservatives. It seems like Americans have become so obsessed with being politically correct and self-righteous, that they have forgotten how to laugh at politics.

Well, at least TBS is airing it uncensored. So far, I see no date listed regarding the show's return. However, TBS did buy 2 more seasons.

2) Family Guy 

This is another cartoon, that most Adult Swim posters seem to dislike these days. I've been watching Family Guy, since 1999. In '99, I was 17 years old. It's amazing how time flies.

Some posters have explained why they no longer enjoy watching Family Guy. Former fans have complained that the creator mostly recycles old episodes and re-writes history. I have to admit, some do have a valid complaint(s). 

At the same time, I still enjoy watching Family Guy for its dark humor and pop-culture references. Most of us 30-somethings and older can identity with the cartoon for its pop-culture references. Family Guy returns on 9/27/15 at 8pm Central.

3) Fresh Off The Boat

I love this show. Fresh Off The Boat is the Asian American version of Chris Rock's old UPN show, Everybody Hates Chris but with a 1990's twist. Some Asian Americans took an offense to the title and consider it to be "racist" because it's not "politically correct." 

Little do most people know, that the show is based off the memoir, Fresh Off The Boat. Even though I'm not Taiwanese, I can still identify with the protagonist, Eddie Huang. There are also '90s pop-culture references and he's supposed to be my age. I especially loved that both Brandon Lee and The Crow were acknowledged on Fresh Off The Boat.  

Fresh Off The Boat returns TONIGHT at 7:30pm Central.

4) Grimm

For MONTHS, I have been waiting to see what will happen to Juliette on Grimm. Is she dead or is she not? That's what I want to know. 

Last season, I was starting to enjoy watching Juliette embrace her Hexenbiest powers. Then, she became extremely malicious towards everyone. Trubel had to shoot Juliette, when she (Trubel) returned.

Throughout each season of Grimm, I never liked Juliette. She was always whining and her relationship with Nick was constantly on/off because he was a Grimm Cop. I would love to see Nick and Trubel as a couple. Sure, he's older than Trubel but it's not like she's underage. Just saying! 
Grimm returns on Friday 10/30/15 at 8pm Central. That's literally 1 day before Halloween!

5) Hawaii Five-0

Usually, I'm against TV and movie reboots/remakes. Although, I really made an exception for this show. Hawaii Five-0 needs LESS Kono and MORE Catherine and Wo Fat. 

The last 2 seasons of Hawaii Five-0 bored me to tears. It may sound harsh to say, but Kono is NOT an interesting character on this reboot. Is it just Grace Park as the character or is it the bad writing? I don't know.

Actually, Hawaii Five-0 always had ridiculous writing. I believe CBS hasn't canceled this reboot because it's more of a platform for celebrities. That's along with Alex O'Loughlin and Daniel Dae Kim as "eye candy."  

(Most women watch it for Alex. Grrr!)

As I was saying, Kono is NOT an interesting character. She is the most boring character on H5-0. Maybe if Nikita's Maggie Q. was Grace Park's replacement, Kono would be more interesting. 

I hope this new season of Hawaii Five-0 is more entertaining and doesn't center around Kono and The Yakuza. The show returns on Friday 9/25/15 at 8 pm Central. 

6) Sleepy Hollow

Last but SURELY not least is Sleepy Hollow. It is fantastic to see more minorities casted as main characters in Horror/Supernatural TV shows. This definitely applies, when interracial couples and sexual tension are included. 

What female viewer doesn't love Tom Mison as Ichabod Crane? Grrr! 

I'm naturally biased, since I've always had a thing for brunettes, especially brunettes with long hair. Yes, you all know my type now.

Moving along, I hope this season of Sleepy Hollow is as good as the last 2 seasons. Hopefully, we do NOT have to look at Katrina. She annoys me just as much as Juliette from Grimm. Those are 2 sickening characters, that need to die and stay dead. 

I believe Katrina represents Hurricane Katrina. Have you ever noticed, that every time the tramp's involved in something, there's bound to be destruction? If not, I have. That's besides Katrina being a cock and twat blocker. 

Yes, you read the last sentence correctly. I want to see Abbie and Ichabod as a couple. Otherwise, I will settle for Abbie and Hawley. 

Last season, I sensed a loved triangle forming with Abbie, Ichabod, and Hawley. Hopefully, the writers will do some more exploring with these 3 characters. Sleepy Hollow returns on Thursday 10/1/15 at 8pm Central.

In case you're wondering, which Friday night show I will watch on TV, it's Grimm. I'll watch Hawaii Five-0 on Hulu.