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Monday, April 28, 2014

It's Not All Gumdrops & Unicorns: Q&A #1

How's it going my gumdrops? I have been in the middle of updating 2 of my Q&A blogs on my website, It's Not All Gumdrops & Unicorns. Since I've been experiencing glitches and because the original version had a large amount of content, the Q&A blogs are being transferred to Blogger.

This Q&A blog was originally published on April 28th, 2014.

How's it going my gumdrops? As you already know, I mentioned last week, that I would publish my Q&A entry today on It's Not All Gumdrops & Unicorns. Here are the questions, that I've answered:

Mimikoko's Question: I was always curious about your Asian Studies. I fell head over heals in love with girlie J pop a few years ago and, a while later, with K pop. I was wondering how it was you came into Asian Studies and if you have managed to use any part of that in your daily activities or making a living.

Answer: I was exposed to Japanese in 6th grade. My middle school teachers taught 6th graders different languages each quarter. Once I started taking Japanese, I loved it. Japanese is a great challenge and a unique language.

I took my 1st entire year of Japanese in 7th grade and I continued all throughout high school. Some of my high school classmates labeled me "The Curve Breaker" because I almost always broke our classroom's curve. Not that my peers couldn't learn Japanese.

They reveled in being self-entitled, juvenile delinquents and making our teachers cry. They were such terrors, that our teachers annually quit. My classmates did this non-stop for 5 years (7th-11th grade).

By the time of my senior year, they removed Japanese from my high school. However, I took the initiative to contact 1 of our Japanese teachers and I took Japanese as an Independent Study. I wanted to become a Japanese Consecutive Translator/Creative Writer.

I took Spanish, German, and Japanese, during my college years. However, I always excelled in Japanese. I attended 3 colleges by the time I was 20 years old. This was besides hosting my own college radio show (All Things Frightening), while being a student at UW-Parkside and Carthage College simultaneously.

I finally settled at Carthage College because they had the Japanese Major. I had to change my major at the last minute to Asian Studies because the Japanese Major required students to study abroad for 6-12 months. I couldn't study abroad. During that time, we had 2 family deaths, family crises, and I acquired a severe bleeding disorder, that I have been cured of these last 3 years.

Anyway, having an Asian Studies Degree, I can be an Academic Advisor, Journalist, Writer, Teacher, Translator, work in Sociology, Politics, and even Media. It really depends on what he/she wants to do with a degree in Asian Studies.

I am somewhat at a disadvantage, since I mostly focused on the Japanese language. I learned about the culture and religions as well.

IL has more Japanese people and companies than here in WI. Regardless, I can still use my Asian Studies Degree, since I learned about other Asians, their histories, cultures, religions, architectures, and art.

Victor Da Silva's Questions:

1) What are your thoughts on the actor, who plays TOM (Steve Blum) from the animation block Toonami? Had you ever heard of him outside of shows you like? If so, do you have a personal agenda against him or had you not seen the shows he was on, aside from the elephant in the room, Cowboy Bebop? Have you ever met him at an anime convention in your area or were you too busy with other things?

Answer: I have nothing against Steven Jay Blum. I like and respect him as a voice actor. I have never met him or attended any conventions. I didn't know, who Blum was until Scryed aired on Adult Swim, 10 years ago. Back then, I was in college and barely had time, much less privacy. I never liked Cowboy Bebop and I still cannot understand the hype. Steven Jay Blum has voiced many characters over the years. I miss him as Orochimaru on Naruto and Naruto Shippuden.

2) If you were to unintentionally meet Jason DeMarco in real life and had one thing to say, what would you tell him and why do you need to see him face to face?

Answer: I don't need to see Jason DeMarco in person. I can take or leave him to be honest. Although, if I bumped into him, I would ask, "Will you ever acknowledge your female audience again, or are you going to keep blacklisting us from being a part of your viewer ratings?"

Marie Moore's Question: Why don't you put up any pictures of yourself?

Answer: This has been a common question over these last 3 years. I've dealt with trolls, cyber stalkers, opportunists, and sleazebags on social networking sites and forums within the last 2-4 years.

In fact, 4 years ago, I belonged to SOAPnet's General Hospital forum. A poster, who has fibromyalgia, had the audacity to make a mock prayer thread about my disabled mother. This was literally 1 day after my mother was released from the hospital.

My mother collapsed from strong medication, that her quack doctor prescribed and had a seizure. Not only that, but the poster also accused me of having a facebook account. Her friend impersonated me on facebook and claimed, that I insulted the poster with fibromyalgia behind her back.

4 years ago, I didn't have a facebook account. I didn't make my account, until 3 years ago. It was originally to re-connect with high school friends and classmates, since our 10-year class reunion was approaching. I purposely use my high school alias/alter ego name and pre-blocked past trolls, stalkers, defamers, high school bullies, frenemies, opportunists, womanizers, cat callers, exes, and people I can't stand. I bet I have 1,000 people on my block list.

I especially deal with cat callers and womanizers inboxing me for nudie pics, cyber sex, etc. Besides, I'm not someone, who requires a gajillion selfies, and I'm surely not desperately seeking validation about my sexiness like most people (typically women) today.

Since the time I was a teenager, I always hid from cameras. My birth name is on my Horror-Punks URL. Yesterday, some creep on cat called my old Yahoo avatar.

Jesse Steele's Question: Have you ever met any famous people in real life? If so, who are they?

Answer: Yes, I've met Elaine Browne (a former Black Panther) and Charlie Murphy (Eddie Murphy's brother). The Dave Chappelle cast was at Carthage College doing their stand-up comedian tour, 10 years ago. Also, Def Comedy Jam's Tony Tone did a skit about me 8 years ago, in his stand-up.

Tony Tone joked about my Demonia boots. My boots have a Steampunk/Fetish Goth appearance. He called me "Bigfoot from Wauwatosa" and claimed, that me and my college female friend could supposedly end the war in Iraq with her hat and my boots.

The month after we met Tony Tone, we met Eric Nieves. Since his show was before Valentine's Day my college senior year, he asked us women in the audience what qualities we looked for in men. I shouted, "HE'S GOTTA HAVE ALL HIS TEETH!!!" This made Eric Nieves spit take his water on stage, while laughing at me.

I have met several comedians, political, and public figures in person. I almost met Jamie Kennedy my college senior year, but my guy friend made me late.

I waited for my friend to return to campus, before Jamie did his stand-up. I was early for the stand-up but it was too late to meet him, before his show.

Thepowerman187's Question: In less than 700 words or so, tell us why you write the stories you do?

Answer:  I want to write something, that I think other people would be interested in reading. Some stories are about my past experiences, as well as other people's. I even add some twists to my stories to make them more appealing. The more I think about it, my work is mostly for the "Young Adult" audience, who enjoy Semi-Fiction, Realistic Fiction, Horror, and Thriller.

My grandmother nit picks about my non-"Christian" stories because she's more of a Bible fanatic. Meanwhile, my mother doesn't really care about what I write, as long as it's entertaining.

isolateX's Question: I notice you have more than one account to put out your work and recruit followers. What is your goal concerning all these accounts (not sure how many you have)? Is it to get your writing recognized? Will you be making another account like It's Not All Gumdrops & Unicorns or are you just satisfied with that one? Also, do you have any books written?

Answer: Please read It's Not All Gumdrops & Unicorns' main page. I explain more about myself and my chapbook on this website. I have multiple accounts and It's Not All Gumdrops & Unicorns is mostly for writing exposure. I don't have all my stories shared on here. Although, I do have "Across The Street" posted on my "Horror" page.

Only members can view it. Most can view my blogs. Meanwhile, I don't plan on making another website, right now. I spend 8 HOURS managing It's Not All Gumdrops & Unicorns alone.

Anonymous Questions:

1) If you were dating someone, and one of your former friends was harassing them, would you tell them to back off, even if your partner had already blocked them? Would you still tell them to back off just to basically show your support to your partner?

Answer: Yes, I would. I would also block the frenemy afterward. The block list is my biggest Cyber BFF. It's also what I like to call my Cyber Shit List. I have more people on my block list than I do "friends." I don't care to be everyone's buddy, especially since there are so many crybabies and temperamental people online.

2) Would you continue to date someone even if you loved them but your personalities constantly clashed and you felt unfulfilled at times?

Answer: No, I have done the toxic relationships too many times, when I was in my 20's. The constant fighting and dating someone with jealousy issues is exhausting. That's not including dating someone, who's lifestyle, views, and interests are completely incompatible. The whole "opposites attract" is a myth.

If opposites really attract, why are there so many people, who are divorced and/broken up today? 
People DON'T have to date someone, who's exactly like them. However, if their lifestyles, views, personalities, and interests always clash, it's exceedingly rare, that those relationships will be long lasting.
3) What are your biggest pet peeves?

Answer: I could make a laundry list of my pet peeves. I'm known for my complaints around family and old college friends. What's been annoying me most recently are a few things:

1. I'm tired of dealing with people, who are my friends on Monday. Then, on Tuesday, they're not only because I said something they dislike.

2. This somewhat applies to people, who get defensive about something incredibly petty and

3. people, who love being in denial about their own pasts or what their asshole friends have said and/done. 
Regardless if it has nothing to deal with me, people really need to stop sweeping everything under the rug and acknowledge their faults. Nobody is perfect, but it doesn't mean we should NOT acknowledge our own faults.

4. Another pet peeve is pretending to support me and my website. If people don't want to join my website, that's their personal right. They are always welcome to visit the Guestbook on It's Not All Gumdrops & Unicorns.
All the while, false supporters should NOT be surprised, when I do NOT support their views, hobbies, lifestyles, attend their events, "like" every selfie (whether they are drunk or sober in it) they post online, and whatever else they say/do.

5. Also, I hate whenever people drunk dial and/inbox me and expect me to not be aggravated. I hated whenever boozehounds drunk dialed me in college, when I was in the middle of sleeping. It is even more obnoxious now, that I am in my 30's and there are boozehounds (usually men) inboxing and arguing with me online, while I am in the middle of doing something and have already been warned.

I don't care how drunk they are. It only shows me and other people, that they can't handle their own liquor and/lives. Then, after their family, friends, co-workers, bosses, etc. lose respect for them, they want to whine.

Whenever I drank, I was never drunk. At the most, I was buzzed. Most people today only drink just to have an excuse to get drunk and rely on their liquid courage to say what they really feel about something or someone. I don't waste time dealing with drunken, cowardly, zombies. 

This is it for Q&A blog #1. Stay tuned for the next Q&A!