Sunday, February 8, 2015

Giving Blogger Another Chance

How's it going? I originally created my Blogger account 2 summers ago. During that time, Xanga 1.0 was shutting down and re-launching as 2.0 on WordPress. Within these last 2 years, I have dabbled with many blogging communities and sites.

Since last November, I have been revising and archiving my old Xanga 1.0 and Blogster entries on I currently have only 12 more blogs to revise and archive. After I'm done revising and archiving, I will leave Blogster next month. If you would like to read most of my older Xanga and Blogster entries, I encourage you to visit my archives page on JournalHome.

The majority of my blogs are on my website, It's Not All Gumdrops & Unicorns

When you have the chance, please let me know what you think!